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Laser Power Saw

Laser Power Saw

Laser Power Saw

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This Laser Power Saw is perfect for any woodworker. With a rotation of 3500RPM and adjustable depth setting this tool is born to cut anything. From wood, plastic, metal, and tile, the saw makes the job easy. Weighing about five pounds, the body is light and easy to handle, avoiding the fatigue that comes with other saws. A fixed protective cover, cutting protective cover, and a safety lock switch makes this saw safe to use for everyone. The Laser Power saw comes with a dust-free design - blowing away all debris as you cut. The laser guide lays out your cut-line for precise cuts every time. Blade go dull? Replace it yourself within five minutes. Enjoy high power, high efficiency, and satisfaction with every cut made with this saw.

Features and Benefits 


The Laser Power Saw uses a laser guide to provide precision cuts for any user.


Engineered for safety, the Laser Power Saw uses a fixed productive cover, a cutting protective cover, and a safety lock to protect you


Designed to be dust-free to keep saw scraps away from your work


The grip is designed for comfort, balance, and control, giving you a consistent, high-quality cut


The adjustable depth settings allow the laser power saw to be utilized with wood, plastic, metal, and tile cutting

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